THANK YOU CRAWFORDSVILLE! Here is an update on our status (part 2)…

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My father and business partner called me from Atlanta today inquiring about my progress for the day.

“Christi, I made it to Atlanta safe but I can’t seem to find part two.”

“Umm…I’m sorry Dad but I barely have two minutes. I have three sets of customers here shopping, and we might accidentally sell a car today. And what do you mean part two? What is it that you are looking for exactly?”

“Really? I thought we wouldn’t be ready to sell until Wednesday at the earliest with the technology side of things? That’s great! Your blog thing. I read part one on Facebook, but can’t seem to find part two. What am I doing wrong?”

“Well, we’re doing the best with what we’ve got for now…We’ll see if we can get it contracted. You aren’t doing anything wrong, it hasn’t been written yet. I haven’t had the time. But wait a minute…you have a Facebook?”

I AM SO SORRY about the delay. Writing this blog has provided me tremendous insight to “my audience,” while also giving me mild stage fright as well. But I will continue on! Thank you all so much for your continued interest in our progress.

THE NEW PHONE NUMBER for Christi Hubler Chevrolet is 765-307-2900. With the phone line transition, there were some lost calls. I apologize for this, as our phone and fax lines should be straightened out at this time. As we installed these lines, our wireless internet speed should be top of the line. This necessity stems from the future technologies we will be implementing store wide. The use of tablet based processes will be integrated into our daily routine throughout the dealership. This is a costly decision that I have felt strongly about executing to provide our customers with a 2015 sales experience.

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

WE SOLD OUR FIRST CAR TODAY! Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. McCloud for your patience with this transaction. We are now officially able to sell CHEVROLETs! While we do have inventory on the lot, a large majority is in transit and should gradually hit over the next few weeks. Please feel free to stop by and take a look at our inventory selection of approximately one of each model. Please keep in mind…IF WE DON’T HAVE IT WE WILL GET IT FOR YOU WITHIN 24 HOURS OR SO!

“A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE,” is what we are striving to make with every transaction. Because of that, I rescind my previous post of a 10 year OR 150,000 mile powertrain warranty. EVERY NEW CAR CUSTOMER will automatically get a LIFETIME powertrain warranty coverage! They will also receive 36 MONTHS OR 45,000 miles of NO COST MAINTENANCE! Our goal is simple…Creating loyal and happy customers for generations to come!

April 19, 2015

SALESPERSONNEL have been hired. We will likely be hiring more in the next few weeks, but there are four committed as of now. Yesterday our first salesman, Ryan, started. We had quite a few “lot ups” as we call them, so it was good for him to see ‘a day in the life,’ so to speak. Thank you to all those who came by to take a look at and test drive our new inventory. We are dealer trading for one vehicle, which we hope will lead to our second sale early this week. Please continue to bear with us as we fully stock the lot with new and used vehicles.


WARRANTY WORK should begin this week, as the manufacturer parts should be arriving. It is crazy how long these things can take, and makes me truly appreciate each job role in our dealership. Our wonderful service manager and technicians have been hard at work, to become fully GM trained to do the labor. We will likely need an additional certified GM technician as we grow. PLEASE INQUIRE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. Very soon our service department will double with work, and we will staff gradually to ensure maximum labor hours for all. A significant aspect to the holdup has been the lack of a committed Parts Manager. While we have sought out referrals, they were unable to see our future vision.

PEOPLE, PROCESSES, PAY PLANS…In my opinion, this is the key to any successful business. You must hire the right people that you can trust, and are capable of executing their job duties. You must define processes to ensure completion and accuracy of transactions. You must put pay plans in effect, which reward your team of their performance goals. I hope all our employees today and in the future, see the big picture of our future. Those who take a leap of faith with us, will inevitably be rewarded. My father has always provided excellent advice, and it hold true in these moments of staffing our dealership. “Sometimes you have to take a half of a step back, to take a big step forward.”

INQUIRIES on our website are at an all-time high. I truly appreciate all those who have inquired about positions and creating business relationships. If I haven’t gotten back with you, I will. I am trying to find my daily routine of handling daily dealership operations, GM meetings, job interviews, responding to inquiries, and blogging. As you can see…I am falling behind.

CRAWFORDSVILLE IS A VERY UNIQUE COMMINTY, I am finding. March 27th, my father and I had an advertising meeting. They were reviewing the community statistics to allocate different mediums of advertisement. In my father’s 30+ years of experience, as well as the entire advertising agency, we had never seen statistics such as these. Can you believe, of the adult population of 18+ who are full time residents and live within 15 miles of Crawfordsville, the gender ratio is 67% female to 33% male? We were floored to hear this! Oh and by the way, what would you guess to be the number one cable network channel? It was not the typical ESPN, Fox News, or other standard stations. Would you believe that the number one cable channel is The Hallmark Channel?

THE CORRELATION of this demographic was definitely apparent, when we held our informal “meet & greet/staffing day.” There were easily 3 women to every one man, which may result in a noticeable presence of female staff at Christi Hubler Chevrolet. This was truly unexpected, but I am excited to see this in the automotive industry! In total, we have 5-6 additions to our team, which have already accepted positions. Some of these, we hope to promote in the next few months as we train and grow our staff! We found Ryan and Brittney, which will be our first sales representatives. Yesterday, we hired a young man named Austin, who is also excited for a sales opportunity. Linda came to our meet & greet, and has been promoted as our controller, as Pat is expecting to retire. Renee starts Monday as a service writer, and is excited to be back at the dealership. Every one of these team members, have expressed that they are “excited to assist” wherever necessary (that is the type of employee who gets our vision). We thank all of our employees, and have high hopes for the future of Christi Hubler Chevrolet.

AGAIN, THANK YOU CRAWFORDSVILLE! We have had an overwhelming amount of support. From community event invites, to “welcome to the community” arrangements, to “you go girl” Facebook and email messages, to local businesses offering their services, to customers “holding off” to buy or service their vehicle locally, to people stopping by to introduce themselves…My father and I thank you all so much, and continue to look forward to building relationships with all these amazing and supportive people!

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