THANK YOU CRAWFORDSVILLE! Here is an update on our status (part 1)…

September 4th, 2020 by

MY, HOW TIME FLIES! I have been meaning to write an update for about a week now, but I guess better late than never. Right? As of today, we officially have 7 cars on the lot. Our dealer management system has switched hands, and we are officially Christi Hubler Chevrolet! There are a few bugs we are working through to make all the operations flow normally, but all should be ironed out by the end of the week. We would love the community to continue their servicing needs at our dealership. While everyone is enrolled in the extensive GM training, we are still concentrated on what is most important…our customers service needs. While the customer service work may seem pretty typical as you visit, behind the scenes we are training and working to the max! This is allowing us a minor income stream as we launch warranty services and new car deliveries. I know service has slowed a bit with the unknown transition, but we GREATLY appreciate those continuing to service their vehicles with us.

THE SAM HORNER LOYALTY card that most are familiar with, will be honored a bit differently moving forward. We would like to extend a 10% discount to all those loyal customers. It would be detrimental for us to give that tenth service free, without ever having the first nine paid for. Our service manager, Steve Smith, has been a great asset to the community and to us. Please continue to embrace this wonderful man, as he executes some of the necessary changes moving forward. There have been a lot of “open credit accounts” that we will need to cut back on. I am hopeful all those loyal business accounts will continue to service with us and understand our need currently, for customer pay income without additional liabilities.

CHC’s LIFETIME CUSTOMER CARE will be launched upon our first vehicle sale. Our new vehicle customers will be rewarded with a 10 year or 150,000 mile powertrain warranty coverage. They will also have 36 months or 36,000 miles of their maintenance paid for. The cost implementation to me, the dealer, is still being factored. However, I am hopeful these rewards will keep customers coming back to us for years to come. Standing behind our GM product and giving our customers the ultimate experience, is what sets us apart from the rest. I encourage future customers to find this unique rewards program, and become a CUSTOMER FOR LIFE.

FROM RECENT ONLINE INQUIRIES, we have made some very exciting hires. I look forward to introducing these individuals as members of our team forthcoming. We are still seeking additional sales personnel, and possibly a parts manager (I should know more tomorrow). We have accepted offers that I am ecstatic to have on our team. If you are looking for an excellent company to work for, please come in and apply. We have implemented a company hierarchy with multiple promotion opportunities as a permanent structure to our business model. I feel this is an area in a “typical” dealership atmosphere that is lacking. While we are just one small dealership today, “the sky is the limit” for what our company may build toward tomorrow. It is possible, that the team we create today will be the management staff of the future. I encourage you to stop on by and apply!

A SEMI GRAND OPENING will be scheduled and communicated in the next couple weeks. I am hopeful that we should be fully operational, with sales and service work, by end of business next week. We will announce an invitation to our first grand opening very shortly. We hope the community will embrace our opening as an introduction, of what is to come. Please continue to email, call, and stop by as we prepare to launch our business.

THANK YOU all so much. I feel very overwhelmed and extremely inspired by all the contacts that have been made in just a few short weeks. I want to especially thank the local realtor, Greg Morrison, for all of his hard work during this process. We ran into many road blocks along this journey; from landlocked properties, to unwilling sellers, to ALTA surveys, to unsupported GM sites…I want to thank you Greg for all the sleepless nights we all must have spent, trying to iron out the details. After almost two complete weeks at the dealership, I couldn’t be more confident and inspired that GM selected the perfect location for Christi Hubler Chevrolet. THANK YOU AGAIN CRAWFRDSVILLE FOR ALL THE CONTINUED SUPPORT!

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