What is Good Mileage On A Used Car?

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Lafayette drivers interested in shopping for a used car have a number of things that they need to take into consideration, such as the vehicle’s physical and mechanical condition, as well as its mileage. While some may suggest avoiding a car that has over 100,000 miles, this isn’t always the case. If a vehicle has been well maintained, it can still be a great buy, even if it’s past 100,000 miles. There are some additional, yet equally important, factors to take into account when buying a pre-owned vehicle, including location, condition, and usage. Learn more about what is good mileage for a used car and more pre-owned-car-buying tips with Christi Hubler Chevrolet, and then contact us to schedule a test drive of any of our inventory.


The Best Way to Shop for a Used Car

When shopping for a pre-owned automobile, in addition to paying close attention to the mileage, here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • How much has the vehicle been used?– Cars driven 75,000 miles in stop-and-go traffic will wear down sooner than cars driven 75,000 miles on the open highway. You’ll want to get the previous owner’s driving history before you make the purchase.
  • Where was the car previously located?– Vehicles that have been driven in dry and warm climates undergo much less stress than vehicles in areas with cold or wet climates.
  • What condition is the vehicle in?– Have the vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic to determine if there are any issues, such as mechanical problems or rust, that will need to be fixed. You’ll want to factor these costs into your budget.
  • Has the car been well maintained?– Be sure to check the car’s maintenance history to see if it’s been kept up to date with routine services like oil changes. Irregular service history can be an early indicator of future problems.

Selecting a Pre-Owned Vehicle Based on Mileage

There’s no one answer to the question, “What is good mileage on a used car,” since there are many factors at play. Instead, it’s best to think about how much mileage you’ll get out of a used car. If a vehicle has 50,000 miles on it, but it seems to have a strong performance, it’s likely a solid purchase. On the other hand, a cheap pre-owned vehicle with 100,000 miles can probably last you a few years as long as it’s in good condition. The typical Brownsburg commuter drives about 12,000 miles per year, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when comparing mileage vs. age. A newer model car with far more miles per year put onto it likely means it has seen its fair share of use, and there might be underlying mechanical issues that need to be addressed.

Mileage vs. Age: Which One is Important?

Danville shoppers will often find that a newer car with high mileage may well be a better buy than a low mileage older car. Be sure to take these factors into consideration when buying:

  • Even if a vehicle isn’t driven regularly, it can still develop mechanical issues, thus resulting in high repair costs. Rust, expansion, cracking, and more can all occur from idling too long without maintenance.
  • A car with a well-documented maintenance history is preferable to a car that hasn’t been serviced over a longer period of time.
  • Vehicles with low mileage are often more expensive.

Find Used Cars With Good Gas Mileage at Christi Hubler Chevrolet

If you still need to make sure you’re getting a great deal, but want additional peace of mind, then consider taking home a certified pre-owned vehicle instead. Our CPO vehicles have to pass rigorous testing and maintenance standards set forth by the OEM, and are guaranteed to be the safest vehicles on the road as a result. Our finance department can help you take home a new or used vehicle today, without any of the hassle you expect from car buying.


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